Water Compliance Certificates
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Water Certificates for Compliance in Cairns and Mareeba

BMG Plumb n Gas are a reputable plumbing team based in Mareeba, providing water certificate compliance services in Cairns and the surrounding Tablelands region. Our team has more than 15 years of experience as qualified plumbers and are familiar with Queensland’s regulatory system and water certification requirements. Whether you’re selling or leasing your property, we’ve got you covered. Our team are also qualified gas fitters and can take care of compliance certification for your home or caravan.

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Water compliance:

Water compliance certificates ensure that the property or structure is using water efficiently with no signs of leakage that would lead to excessive water bills. BMG Plumb n Gas are qualified to perform water efficiency certification in Queensland. Certificates are required for anyone leasing a house if you intend to charge tenants for water use, in addition to individual metering of the property.

In a water certificate compliance check, we’ll look for:

  • Water leaks
  • Water efficient shower heads
  • Water efficient taps
  • Water efficient toilets
  • Hot water system problems

Water efficient shower heads and taps must not flow more than 9 litres per minute, while toilets can’t use more than 6.5L and 3.5L on full and half flushes respectively. We’ll advise you of some budget-friendly water efficient alternatives if we find that your fittings don’t meet these requirements. Our vehicles are fully stocked and we can quickly source parts if necessary to get the job completed same-day, so your leasing or sale procedure can continue without interruption.

Gas compliance certificates:

If your house is connected to mains gas, certification is required before selling your house. This is a case of checking for leaks, ensuring gas fittings and appliances are safely installed and looking out for any unnecessary risks. Not all gas fitters are qualified to perform certifications. BMG Plumb n Gas have close to two decades of experience as gas fitters and are qualified to perform gas certifications for homes and caravans in Queensland.

Water Certification for Landlords

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