New Roofs and Re-Roofing

Mareeba Roofing & Re-Roofing

BMG Plumb n Gas are a Mareeba roofing and plumbing business, providing quality roofing and re-roofing services in Atherton, Tablelands and Cairns areas. We work across all kinds of construction projects, ranging from residential estates to commercial buildings. Our team of qualified plumbers work tirelessly to get your roofing installed on-time with no impact to the rest of the site. We’re experts in metal sheet roofing and can build to any unique design specifications you desire.

Call our friendly team on 0447 887 107 for tenders or to discuss our capabilities and arrange a quote.

New Roofing:

We’ve worked on local housing estate builds in the Tablelands and Cairns region, plus one-off builds. We’re stocked with the full range of ColorBond colours to give your clients more options and can work on projects big and small. Our team have high risk and access tickets and can use scissor lifts if necessary, allowing us to work on high access commercial and residential buildings.

New roofing work we perform includes:

  • Shed roofing
  • Granny flat roofing
  • Houses, town houses and unit roofing
  • Renovation roofing
  • Commercial roofing
  • Warehouse and industrial roofing

We’ll carefully plan and co-ordinate with other trades on site to ensure we don’t cause any delays and come in at the appropriate time. Our team don’t leave any unnecessary mess behind and go above and beyond to ensure your roofing is designed to cope with harsh Far-North Queensland conditions.

We work with the full range of ColorBond colours to give your clients more options, plus we can include skylights, gutter guards and more. Our team provide the full package from start to end, including insulation, waterproofing, sheeting and flashing, guttering and plumbing connection.

Re-roofing and Insurance:

Often, re-roofing is more complex than installing a new roof because we need to replace vital components underneath the sheeting, like the insulation, waterproofing, battens and more. In the event of corrosion or leaking, we’ll carefully assess the health of your roof and determine if a complete re-roofing is necessary or if a more financially viable solution exists. You’ll have access to the full ColorBond range, or we can use polished metal sheeting as a more budget-friendly alternative. We can also connect your existing water tank to your new roof and gutter system.

If your roof replacement is to be claimed under insurance, please get in touch with your insurer before calling us to see what their claim process is. We’re more than happy to work within the guidelines of your insurer if they allow for choice of repairer. We use QBCC contracts for all our work for added protection and peace of mind.

Mareeba Roofing

Get in touch with BMG Plumb n Gas on 0447 887 107 for more information about our full range of roofing services in Mareeba.

Repairs and Maintenance

Mareeba Roof Repairs & Maintenance

BMG Plumb n Gas provide affordable Mareeba roof repairs and maintenance, with no callout fees, affordable quotes and professional advice you can trust. We serve the Tablelands region with high quality roofing repairs, having more than 15 years of experience working on sheds, commercial buildings, houses, townhouses and more.

If your roof is starting to leak or look a bit worse for wear, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team on 0447 887 107.

We use QBCC contracts for all our work to give our clients protection and peace of mind. Our team carefully plan for your repairs and are meticulous in our works, going above and beyond to improve the health of your roofing. We strive to identify problems early to prevent expensive repairs in the future.

Roof and gutter corrosion:

We perform everything from partial replacement of roof sheeting and guttering through to complete roof replacements. We use the ColorBond range and can colour-match your existing roofing, including panels that have already faded. Alternatively, we can use bare brushed sheeting for a more budget-friendly alternative or industrial look.

Partial roof and gutter corrosion can be the result of poor design or environmental factors. If we believe there to be preventative measures that can be taken to improve the health of your roof, we’ll take note and recommend them. Such measures can be as simple as hedging nearby trees or installing gutter-guard protection to prevent moisture build-up.

Insulation and waterproofing:

Noticing your house to be a bit too exposed to the elements? We perform waterproofing upgrades as well as insulation in addition to roof repairs. We use safe, high quality insulation material designed for our climate, with waterproofing materials designed to cope with the unique harsh conditions that North Queenslanders face. Installing new installation and waterproofing requires replacement of your existing panels, so we recommend getting it all done at once to minimise costs.

Mareeba Roof Repairs

Get in touch with BMG Plumb n Gas on 0447 887 107 for more information about our full range of roof repair services.

Gutter, Pipes & Storm Water

Pipe and Gutter Repairs Mareeba

Based in Mareeba, BMG Plumb n Gas provide affordable pipe and gutter repairs, gutter guard installation and more in the Tablelands region. Our team of qualified plumbers have more than 15 years of experience in plumbing and roofing and work tirelessly to get your gutters and downpipes looking like new again. We don’t charge for quotes or callout fees, and we pride ourselves on our fast turnaround times.

Get in touch with us on 0447 887 107 to arrange a measure and quote on gutter repairs and replacement, gutter guard installation, or pipe repairs in the wider Tablelands and Mareeba area.

Gutter and Downpipe Repairs:

Gutters and downpipes often corrode and require replacement before roof sheeting does. We’re experienced with gutter and downpipe repairs and can quickly perform spot repairs and complete replacements to keep the water flowing safely. Our clients have access to all ColorBond colours, and we can show you some options to match or complement your roofing when we visit you for a quote.

Why choose BMG Plumb n Gas?

  • Fast turnaround times
  • Free quotes
  • No callout fees
  • Full ColorBond range
  • Complete and partial

Sometimes, only partial gutter or piping replacement is necessary. We can replace partial guttering to match your existing style, including box guttering, round guttering, edged guttering and more, in the full range of ColorBond colours. Our team will assess whether partial replacement is a more financially viable option than complete teardown and replacement of your guttering system.

Further, our team is equipped with high risk licenses for performing work on scissor lifts, allowing us to work on taller commercial and residential buildings safely.

Gutter guard installation:

Gutter protection, or gutter guards, are thin perforated sheets of coloured or brushed sheeting that sit over the top of your gutters. Although not standard for all gutters, they’re a must-have for Far-North Queensland homes with leafy surroundings, as they protect them from being blocked by leaves. When we come to repair or inspect your existing gutters, we may recommend installing gutter guards to prevent further corrosion.

As we can go from extremely dry conditions to extremely wet, protecting your gutters from leaves is important. In the event of a bush or house fire, dry leaves in gutters serve as a prime fuel source to spread fire around the perimeter of your home. Likewise, in our wet seasons, accumulated moisture in leaves can really take its toll on your gutters.

Mareeba Gutter Repairs

Get in touch with BMG Plumb n Gas on 0447 887 107 for more information about our full range of Mareeba gutter repair services.

General Plumbing Repairs & Maintenance

General Maintenance and Repairs

BMG Plumb n Gas are a reputable Mareeba plumber, providing fast and affordable general maintenance and plumbing repairs in Mareeba and surrounds. Our team of plumbing professionals have more than 15 years of experience as qualified plumbers and have seen it all. We work efficiently without being an inconvenience and offer our clients access to a range of high-quality fittings to suit all styles and budget preferences.

Get in touch with us on 0447 887 107 to speak to one of our friendly team today. We charge no callout fees and offer free quotes.

Water leaks:

Leaky taps can range in severity from a mild annoyance to a serious structural hazard, depending on what’s being affected. Generally, a leaky tap is a simple fix that we can tackle quickly, but it is an issue that can cause damage to the structure of your house, fittings or cabinetry if left unattended to. With no callout or quoting fees, there’s no reason to not have us take a quick look and get it sorted.

Water leaks that we fix include:

  • Leaky taps
  • Leaky showerheads
  • Downpipe leaks
  • Dishwasher / appliance leaks
  • Underfloor leaks
  • Flexihose leaks

We can also tackle other water problems you’re facing while we’re there. Noticing a lack of pressure from some or all of your plumbing? Have us take a peek to see what’s causing you grief. Is your hot water taking increasingly longer to heat up? Let us take a look inside to see if we can treat the symptoms before it becomes an expensive problem.

Fitting replacements:

Fittings getting rusty or just want to upgrade your kitchen and bathroom? Our supplier gives us access to a wide range of high-quality tapware to really freshen up your home, including the latest brass and stainless-steel options for a modern touch. Alternatively, we can help you pick a solution within your budget.

Fitting upgrades that we perform include:

  • Sink replacements
  • Tap set replacements
  • Showerhead replacements
  • Tap to mixer upgrades
  • Quarter-turn taps

Mareeba Plumber

Get in touch with BMG Plumb n Gas on 0447 887 107 for more information about our full range of services.

Hot Water Systems

Hot Water System Repairs and Replacement in Mareeba

BMG Plumb n Gas provide reliable professional hot water system repairs, replacement and relocation in Mareeba and the wider Tablelands region. Our team are equipped with the knowledge, experience and equipment to take on any hot water fault quickly, with meticulous care. We don’t charge callout fees and provide free quotes, with emergency plumbing repairs available 24/7 for hot water system failures.

Give our team a call on 0447 887 107 to speak to a friendly plumber you can trust. Servicing the Tablelands region, we’ll be out to you as soon as possible.

Hot water system repairs:

With more than 15 years of experience as a professional local plumber, we’ve seen it all. We’re equipped to tackle all plumbing repairs and work on all brands, plus we have a reliable network of local reputable electricians to refer to if we identify an electrical fault with your hot water system.

Types of hot water systems that we work on include:

  • Electric
  • Gas
  • Solar
  • Heatpump

When assessing your hot water system, we’ll determine whether it’s more financially feasible for repairs or a replacement unit. With some older units, it can be difficult to obtain parts or the repair might be so extensive that it makes more sense to get a new hot water system with a warranty. If this is the case, we’ll recommend some suitable options for your household to suit your needs and budget.

Replacement and relocations:

In the event of total failure of your hot water system, we work as fast as possible to install a replacement system. Our plumbing supplier provides us access to a range of different hot water systems, available in different types, sizes and price ranges to suit your needs. We like to recommend a couple of different options, and we only recommend brands that we trust from our own professional experience.

We also perform hot water system relocations which can be required if you are upgrading to a larger unit size. Relocations can also be a great way to reduce the risk of structural damage due to leaking if your existing unit is located inside in a cupboard or under the stairs etc.

Hot Water System Repairs

Get in touch with BMG Plumb n Gas on 0447 887 107 for more information about our full range of hot water system services.

Gas Installations and Repairs

Gas Installations and Repairs Mareeba

BMG Plumb n Gas offer gas installation and repair services to residents and businesses in Mareeba, Atherton Tablelands and Cairns. Our team have close to two decades of experience as professional plumbers and gas fitters, performing everything from emergency gas leaks to residential LPG installations and commercial kitchen fitouts. We don’t charge for quotes or callout fees, so get in touch with us on 0447 887 107 to speak to one of our plumbing and gas professionals.

New Gas Installation:

We’re equipped to install both mains gas and LPG systems for your household. Depending on your location and gas usage, one will be a better option than the other. For many people, a stovetop and oven are the only gas appliances they use around the house, so an LPG bottle makes much more sense if it can be stored somewhere safe, as it mitigates the service cost. We’re happy to advise you on what system would work best for you.

We’re fully licensed and qualified to conduct gas installation, and new installation work is all certified. Further, we can conduct gas certification for real estate agents, land lords and even caravans.

Our gas capabilities include:

  • Gas installation
  • LPG installation
  • Caravan gas installation
  • Gas certification
  • Gas appliance installation
  • Gas appliance repairs
  • Emergency gas leak repairs

If you’re unsure which type of gas is right for you or want to learn more about the installation process, don’t hesitate to call our friendly team on 0447 887 107 for expert advice.

Gas Leaks and Repairs:

In the event of a gas leak, it is vital to put the safety of yourself and others above all else. Evacuate your home or business immediately if you detect a rotten egg smell or are beginning to feel light-headed and nauseous. These are indications of a gas leak. If safe to do so, open the windows, turn your gas appliances off and try to turn gas off at the LPG bottle or mains board.

Contact us straight away on 0447 887 107 and speak to one of our team for calm, expert advice over the phone and an immediate response. We provide 24/7 emergency response gas leak repairs in Mareeba, Tablelands and Cairns.

Mareeba Gas Installation Services

Get in touch with BMG Plumb n Gas on 0447 887 107 for more information about our full range of gas installation and repair services.

Water Compliance Certificates

Water Certificates for Compliance in Cairns and Mareeba

BMG Plumb n Gas are a reputable plumbing team based in Mareeba, providing water certificate compliance services in Cairns and the surrounding Tablelands region. Our team has more than 15 years of experience as qualified plumbers and are familiar with Queensland’s regulatory system and water certification requirements. Whether you’re selling or leasing your property, we’ve got you covered. Our team are also qualified gas fitters and can take care of compliance certification for your home or caravan.

Get in touch with us on 0447 887 107 to arrange certification.

Water compliance:

Water compliance certificates ensure that the property or structure is using water efficiently with no signs of leakage that would lead to excessive water bills. BMG Plumb n Gas are qualified to perform water efficiency certification in Queensland. Certificates are required for anyone leasing a house if you intend to charge tenants for water use, in addition to individual metering of the property.

In a water certificate compliance check, we’ll look for:

  • Water leaks
  • Water efficient shower heads
  • Water efficient taps
  • Water efficient toilets
  • Hot water system problems

Water efficient shower heads and taps must not flow more than 9 litres per minute, while toilets can’t use more than 6.5L and 3.5L on full and half flushes respectively. We’ll advise you of some budget-friendly water efficient alternatives if we find that your fittings don’t meet these requirements. Our vehicles are fully stocked and we can quickly source parts if necessary to get the job completed same-day, so your leasing or sale procedure can continue without interruption.

Gas compliance certificates:

If your house is connected to mains gas, certification is required before selling your house. This is a case of checking for leaks, ensuring gas fittings and appliances are safely installed and looking out for any unnecessary risks. Not all gas fitters are qualified to perform certifications. BMG Plumb n Gas have close to two decades of experience as gas fitters and are qualified to perform gas certifications for homes and caravans in Queensland.

Water Certification for Landlords

Get in touch with BMG Plumb n Gas on 0447 887 107 for more information about our full range of gas and water certification services.

Renovations and Extensions

Renovation and Extension Plumbing in Mareeba

BMG Plumb n Gas provide professional renovation and extension plumbing in Mareeba. We work with both the home owner and/or the project manager, ensuring that the plumbing for your new home renovation or extension project meets all of your requirements. Based in Mareeba, we service Atherton Tablelands, Cairns and surrounding areas, providing obligation-free quotes to help you budget for your upcoming project.

Our plumbing service scope includes the installation of bathroom and kitchen fittings including drains, pipes, toilets, taps, sinks, drains, grease traps, shower heads and more.

To obtain your free quote today, contact Brett on 0447 887 107 to chat about how we can help you with your home renovation project.

Personalised Service:

At BMG Plumb n Gas, we understand our role in every single project, and always put the client first. When it comes to home renovations, our experience over the years has taught us that sometimes, while exciting, the process can also be overwhelming and stressful for the homeowner. We do our best to help reduce the stress, providing advice and information to help you make decisions and keep the project moving forward. From choosing the right fitting for your kitchen or bathroom through to figuring out the best place to position toilets and sinks, we will walk you step by step through the entire process.

With our industry knowledge and experience, we are also happy to provide clients with advice on the quality, durability and suitability of fixtures to help them make the right decision. We also appreciate that some of our clients know exactly what they want, so we are happy to install fixtures and fittings of any brand, style or quality- we’re all about making our clients happy.

Working with Builders:

Our teamwork alongside project managers, builders and other tradesmen to get the job done. We are flexible and accommodating of deadlines and shifting schedules and will communicate clearly to ensure that everyone involves knows what is happening. We can quote directly off your plans or we can visit the property put one together based on the requirements. Our strong relationships with suppliers ensure that we have no problems sourcing high-quality fixtures while staying within a set budget, and our team will always show up on time, complete their work on time and clean up after themselves.

Plumbing Mareeba

Get in touch with BMG Plumb n Gas on 0447 887 107 for more information about our full range of plumbing services for home renovation and extension projects.

Septic Systems and Rainwater Tanks

Septic Systems and Rainwater Tanks in Mareeba

BMG Plumb n Gas provide installation, repairs and maintenance services for septic systems and rainwater tanks. We are a plumbing, gas and roofing business based in Mareeba, providing high quality services to commercial and domestic clients in the Mareeba, Atherton Tablelands and Cairns areas. Our team boast over 15 years of industry experience, holding strong connections in the local area, well known as one of the most trusted plumbers in the Cairns region. Many residents in our area either have or are looking at purchasing a septic tank or rainwater system, both of which we are qualified to install, repair or perform maintenance checks on.

Chat to one of our friendly team on 0447 887 107  to arrange a free quote for your septic system or rainwater tank.

Septic Systems:

A septic tank is an underground wastewater treatment structure usually made of concrete, fibreglass or plastic. They use a combination of nature and technology to sterilise wastewater from household plumbing and are most commonly used in rural areas that don’t have a centralised sewer system. As our service area is rural, we commonly install, repair or perform maintenance checks on both types of septic systems, therefore we are highly experienced in this area. 

What are the benefits of a septic system?

  • Better for the environment
  • More economical
  • Low maintenance
  • Long lasting
  • They are self-filtering

Rainwater Tanks:

At BMG Plumb n Gas, we can install, repair and perform maintenance checks on above ground and underground rainwater tanks. Rainwater tanks are a great addition to any household because they can reduce water bills, provide an alternative water supply during water restrictions and depending on the size of the tank and climate, main water use can be reduced by up to 100%.  If you’re thinking about getting a rainwater tank installed or need your existing tank repaired, contact our team on .

Green Water:

A green water system uses a special water filtration system and is designed to essentially make an entire household “green”. BMG Plumb n Gas are certified to set up green water systems in homes in Mareeba, the Atherton Tablelands and Cairns.

Septic Systems and Rainwater Tanks

Get in touch with BMG Plumb n Gas on 0447 887 107 for more information about our full range of services for septic systems and rainwater tanks.