Mareeba Emergency Plumber

BMG Plumb n Gas are a emergency plumber in Mareeba, providing 24/7 emergency response in the Tablelands region for plumbing and gas leaks. We don’t charge additional fees for after-hours calls and provide expert advice over the phone to keep you and your family safe and calm during a plumbing or gas emergency. We’re a Mareeba emergency plumber, though we work all around the Tablelands area, including Atherton, Tolga, Malanda and more.

Give our professional plumbing team a call on 0447 887 107 for fast emergency plumbing repairs in the Tablelands region.

Plumbing and gas emergencies:

We pride ourselves on being able to be relied upon when disaster strikes, even at the most inconvenient hours. Our plumbing vehicles are stocked to cope with any emergency you throw at us.

Types of plumbing and gas emergencies that we attend to include:

  • Gas leaks
  • Blocked drains
  • Burst pipes
  • No hot water
  • No water pressure
  • Toilets overflowing
  • Excessive roof leaking
  • Taps won’t turn off

What should I do in an emergency?

Our friendly team of plumbing professionals will talk you through your problem over the phone before we arrive. Whether it’s a burst pipe, gas leak, or your taps won’t turn off, we’ll do our best to guide you through the problem and make the situation safer for you and your family. We can’t stress the importance of remaining calm; our team will be out to you as quickly as possible to solve the problem, so the safety of you and other occupants is the most important thing to focus on.

Gas leaks:

It can be difficult to notice a gas leak, so it’s important to act immediately on suspected leaks to avoid health risks to you and other occupants of your home. Gas leaks can be identified by a rotten egg or sulphur smell, hissing noises, or if you’ve been exposed to a gas leak for too long, you may feel nauseous and light-headed.

In the event of a gas leak, you should evacuate your family immediately. Open your windows if possible or safe to do so, don’t use any gas or electrical appliances, and call our team as soon as you can from outside of the house. Turning off your gas at the mains supply (usually a metal box at the front or side of the house) or the LPG tank should be done after you’ve turned off all gas appliances; we can guide you through this over the phone if necessary.

Burst pipes and other water issues:

For issues where water won’t stop flowing, such as burst pipes, taps not working or toilet overflows, we recommend calling our team and turning your water off as soon as possible. To do this, locate the water meter box outside your home. This is usually a green or cement box for most residential homes, but our team are happy to help guide you through finding your meter box and the process of turning it off to stop water from flowing.

Once located, most meter boxes require a clockwise turn of the lever / valve to prevent water from flowing.

Emergency Plumber Mareeba

Get in touch with BMG Plumb n Gas on 0447 887 107 for more information about our full range of emergency plumbing and gas services.