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Cairns Commercial Plumber

BMG Plumb n Gas is a Cairns commercial plumber you can rely on for fast repairs, professional service and trustworthy plumbing and gas services. Our team have close to two decades of experience as professional plumbers and gas fitters in the local area. We have experience working on commercial projects big and small covering everything from commercial kitchen fitouts to backflow prevention device testing. All of our commercial plumbing work is performed by our team with precision and care. Give us a call on to arrange a measure and quote, discuss tenders, or have one of our team visit you for emergency repairs.

Commercial projects and fitouts:

Our team carefully plan out each project we work on to ensure we don’t delay the project or hold up any other trades on site. We coordinate with project managers to ensure we come to site at the most appropriate stage of development and prioritise the work to get it done efficiently. We can work with the fixtures and fittings you provide us, or alternatively we can source a range of high-quality fittings within your budget for the project.

Commercial projects that we work on include:

  • Residential complexes and developments
  • Commercial offices
  • Industrial and specialised facilities
  • Shop fitouts and refurbishments
  • Civil projects

Gas fitting and repairs:

We’re qualified to perform gas fitting, gas certification and gas appliance installation. With experience performing installations for commercial kitchens and specialised industrial applications, we can design and install an efficient gas or LPG system for your facilities that accounts for your every need. Our team can perform modifications to convert mains appliances to LPG, as well as repairs on igniters and other components.

We respond immediately to gas leaks and provide over the phone advice, such as how to turn off the gas and minimise risk, so you can keep you and other occupants safe. It’s important that in the event of a gas leak you immediately evacuate the site. Opening windows and turning off any gas appliances or equipment is useful, but it’s vital that you get any employees and other occupants out of your facilities as soon as possible.

Plumbing repairs and maintenance:

You can trust BMG Plumb n Gas for fast commercial plumbing repairs around Mareeba, Tablelands and Cairns. Our vehicle is stocked to take on any issue quickly and effectively.

Common plumbing repairs that we perform include:

  • Blocked drains
  • Overflowing toilets
  • Hot water system failures
  • Leaking taps
  • Pipe corrosion

We can provide emergency plumbing 24/7 and prioritise most of our commercial work, because it’s vital that we get even the non-priority work done quickly for our valued clients. In addition to repairs, we also perform routine maintenance and can develop a tailored maintenance plan for your site, ensuring your plumbing stays in great shape and isn’t likely to pose any risk in the future.

Grease traps and BPDs:

Our team have extensive experience installing grease traps for commercial applications, including kitchens. We ensure that all plumbing is designed to cope with your equipment and expected usage. We design systems that are built to operate safely and cope with the harsh commercial kitchen environment for many years.

Backflow prevention devices prevent the backflow of unwanted water into potable water supply. Backflow prevention devices are necessary in Cairns and the Tablelands region anywhere there is a risk of cross-contamination with potable water. This could include water outlets in close proximity to grease traps, irrigation connected to mains supply, or any other application where grey or brown water could divert to drinkable water.

Each council has different requirements for backflow prevention, depending on the application; our friendly team are happy to advise on testing requirements when you give us a call.

Commercial Plumber

Get in touch with BMG Plumb n Gas on 0447 887 107 for more information about our full range of commercial plumbing and gas fitting services.